0700: YHC welcomes 6 pax to The Storm, warns them I’m still not pro…

Warm-up: the pledge of allegiance, 10 hillbillies IC, and 10 squats

The Thang: a brisk ruck from 3rd street community center to parking deck on 4th & Cotanche.  Pax is informed we will take a BLIMPS ride to the top, so tighten your belt straps, ruck sacks stay on throughout the BLIMPS ride.

1st Level: B (burpee) – 1, L (lunges) – 2, I (imperial walkers) – 3, M (merkins) – 4, P (plank jacks) – 5, S (squats) – 6 (OYO for all consecutively)

hike up to 2nd level for B-2, L-4, I-6, M-8, P-10, S-12 (OYO)

hike up to 3rd level for B-3, L-6, I-9, M-12, P-15, S-18 (OYO)

hike up to 4th level for B-4, L-8, I-12, M-16, P-20, S-24 (OYO)

Once the BLIMPS reached cruising altitude on top level, then we paired up for 3 separate exercises (AMRAP).  Partner A would perform the chosen exercise AMRAP while Partner B descends the staircase to bottom and then back up, then Partners switch for same exercise.  Then we move on to 2nd exercise, same sequence, then 3rd exercise, same sequence.

Exercises:  Curls, WW2’s, and Tricep Extensions

Time to head back for flag but BLIMPS don’t descend that quickly unless it’s the Hindenburg and we don’t want that.

BLIMPS in reverse order as above.

Level 4: B-4, L-8, I-12, M-16, P-20, S-24 (OYO)

Level 3: B-3, L-6, I-9, M-12, P-15, S-18 (OYO)

Level 2: B-2, L-4, I-6, M-8, P-10, S-12 (OYO)

Level 1: B-1, L-2, I-3, M-4, P-5, S-6 (OYO)

Safely back to ground level we briskly ruck back to the flag.  There is time for Mary, Show Boat leads us in 30-something flutter kicks (rucks up), then Haavaad leads us in V-ups.  To conclude, I introduce the Pax to Side Tri Rise (one arm tricep pushups), done AMRAP for one minute on each arm.

0800:  Name-o-rama, prayer requests (we prayed for our brothers, that we make good decisions, and grow a little better each day), announcements (SASQUATCH), and then group pic.

We were all motivated by our upcoming breakfast to follow at Molly’s Community Cafe.  The corn beef hash was everything it was built up to be and then some.  We had sweated off enough calories during BLIMPS to make it a free breakfast (in more ways than one).

Thanks for the opportunity to Q Haavaad.

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