YHC was all set to continue Le Grande Tour when the opportunity to Q came up and it was quickly decided that this needed to be a group Q. Thus Chariots of Fire was born. The men who invited YHC on a great journey with them around a fire in a brother’s backyard is one of the most important moments in YHC’s life. Angus, Nice Body and Gazelle were up to the challenge. Plans were laid. Gazelle got sick. Modifications were made. Pax showed up and after a brief bout of warm up we were off like a dirty shirt! ON FIRE!!



Belding: Run to top of Pitt St Parking deck. Then run to top of Cotanche St. parking deck.

Angus: Down the parking deck to 5th; turn right. Run to Elizabeth St and turn right; Run to 3rd and turn right. Run to Pitt turn left. Run to 1st. Run to the flag back for the 6.

Nice Body: Follow into Commons; Run in a circle along path then down to the boardwalk; down boardwalk to underwater boat ramp. Line up in pairs and sprint hill with a partner. Rinse and Repeat. Run to the flag.



Prayer requests:Hot Spot, Pied Piper and family; pax dealing with injuries; Nice Body’s grandfather and continued recovery; continued recovery of Hipster’s wife; friend of ECU student killed in car accident; continued safety for pax and our community during this holiday season.

Announcements: Collard Patch stole/accepted the Booty Flag. Friday Aquaman’s Birthday Bash begins at 5:30 at Basil’s. Food, fun and fellowship; Look out for Q Source beginning in January along with the change in time for the Commons (5:30).


YHC had the opportunity to thank the pax who ran together this morning and will take this opportunity to do the same directed towards those of ENC Crossbones and @F3Nation. The changes that have come about from engaging with pax across the challenges of fitness and fellowship develops a faith that is large particle. When the sifter starts to shake as it did recently in YHC’s life large particle partners AND faith are needed to take the next steps; to keep pushing the rock. ENC is a part of me and I proudly carry it with me to my new home. I will be back (much to the regret of some) and will always make sure that everyone knows that the men of ENC are the truth.

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