Easter weekend and didn’t expect a large crowd due to vacations and family obligations.  Arrived at the Waterfront at approximately 6:55 and saw a large gathering of people at the Waterfront, but none of the PAX.  The large gathering of people was for a 5K to benefit Special Olympics.  I was afraid that someone had changed the starting location or canceled due to the 5K.  Bob the Builder pulls in behind me and wondered where everyone was also.  We double checked our resources and looked to still be on schedule.  We start toward our regular starting location and Largemouth appears from the 5K crowd.  “I signed us all up for the 5K, starts at 8:00”, he states, to the surprise of everyone.  Everyone’s eyes grew large as saucers, then he said, “Just kidding”.  Several other PAX had shown up by then and it was time to start the beatdown.


-SSH 15 (IC)

-Imperial Walkers 15 (IC)

-Good Mornings 10 (IC)

-Butt Kickers 15 (IC)

The Thang

-Mosey to the Boardwalk

-Run to the Gazebo

-At each light pole, 5 Squats, 5 Carolina Dry Docks

-At the Gazebo

Everyone grabs a bench

-25 Dips

-25 Irkins

-20 Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each leg)

-25 Legs elevated crunches

-Mosey toward the Courthouse on 2nd Street (here is where the diamond comes in…)

-Starting on one side of the parking lot perform 10 Bodyweight rows on the bars of the handicap ramp.

-Run to the building on the left side of the parking lot and perform 10 single arm wall presses (each arm)

-Run across the street to the courthouse, up the steps and perform 10 merkins

-Down the steps to the right side of the parking lot and perform 10 squats.

The four locations layout the shape of a diamond

Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

-Mosey down 2nd street to the public parking lot

-For the length of the parking lot, at each line perform 1 jump squat.

Mumble chatter was heard about halfway down the parking lot.  One of the PAX asked how many we were doing.  I said “I didn’t count, just go until we get to the other end of the parking lot”

-We moseyed back to the Waterfront and finished up with some Mary.


Prayer requests

-Robbins Rees (battling with Cancer)

-Andrea Lilley and her family (car accident)

Always enjoy the opportunity to Q and fellowship with a great group of men.  Always remember the Easter holiday and what it means to us in our walk of faith.

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