Merkins X 10 IC

1 Burpee

Ranger Merkins X 10 IC

2 Burpees

Shoulder Tap Merkins X 10 IC

3 Burpees

CHerkin X 10 IC

4 Burpees

Diamond Merkins X 10 IC

5 Burpees

Chill-cut Merkins X 5 IC

6 Burpees

Clerkins X 10 OYO

7 Burpees

Plank Jacks X 10 IC

8 Burpees

Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

9 Burpees

Squat X 10 IC

10 Burpees

Alphabet Soup

A: Alternating Shoulder Taps: Bear Crawl to B

B: Bobby Hurley: Crab walk to C

C: Crab Cakes: Duckwalk to D
D: Dancing Bears: Elvis Meets Forrest
E: E2K: Fiddler Crab (Sideways Crab walk)
F: Finger tip merkins: Google Bun Shaper (Diagonal Lunge)
G: Gorilla Humpers: Walking Hillbillies to H
H: Hydraulic Squat (Squat, then left knee – right knee to ground): Imperial Walkers to I
I: Imperial Stormkickers (Imperial Walker & extend leg): Jog to J
J: Jumping Spider (Merkin with Bounce): King Arthur (Gallup) to K


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