@F3WashingtonNC sent 5 scouts over by clown car to Williamston at Riverside High School Track to check on Cornhole. Total surprise audit. Seems he has been claiming multiple OYO workouts and Pax needed accountability. Q made them pay for their doubt and sent them back to Washington convinced OYO is real. The pain they took back with them was free.

Q called for circle up at 7 am sharp.


  •  15 Good Mornings
  • 15 Halleluiahs
  • 15 Don Quixote’s
  • 15 High Knees
  • 15 Butt Kickers
  • Easy ¼ Mile Mosey Jog

1 Mile Challenge. AO – ¼ mile track, 6 light poles.

  • Mosey to 1st pole
  • 25 Merkins
  • Mosey to 2nd pole
  • 25 Squats
  • Mosey to 3rd pole
  • 25 Side Straddle Hops
  • Mosey to 4th pole
  • 25 Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey to 5th pole
  • 25 WWIIs
  • Mosey to the 6th pole
  • 25 American Hammers

Rinse and Repeat 3 more laps around track.

Mile Challenge complete

10 count by Kickball

Drill Work Challenge, AO-Big Tire and Track:

  • 25 High Steps
  • 25 Irkins
  • 25 Squats
  • 25 Dirkins
  • Rinse and repeat before each Drill Run
  • ¼ mile Cadence Drill
  • ¼ mile Glider Drill
  • ¼ mile Speed Drill

20 count by Matlock

Mosey to the Principal’s Circle:

  • Bear Crawl ½ Lap
  • Lunge Walk ½ Lap

Mosey Back to the Flag, flipping Big Tire one time on the way.

Total of 2.5 Miles during beatdown

Circle Up for Mary’s

  •  Largemouth-Flutter Kicks
  • Ramses-LBCs
  • Kickball-Xs and Os
  • Woody-Box Cutters
  • Matlock-Superman and Rocketman
  • Q-6 Inches

Q called for 25 Burpees Some Moderated, these did not:

  • Largemouth (Though he did complain)
  • Ramses (Stud UNC Goat)
  • Kickball (Getting ready to play the field at GiddyUp)
  • Shoutout to the Kings of Burpee Moderations – Cornhole, Matlock and Woody (Respect, Respect and Double Respect)

Namearama: Largemouth, Ramses, Kickball, Matlock, Woody, Cornhole-Q


  • Q told Pax how much it meant to him by them coming over to support a brother in OYO land. He also told them he loved them all. Called them his brothers.
  • Q also announced that maybe we can get a group up to do the Darlene Flamingo 5K in October. Great, organized race and they serve Sausage and Eggs afterwards. https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Belhaven/DarleensFlamingo5K?remMeAttempt=
  • Largemouth reminded Pax of the upcoming July Sasquatch event in Greenville. Largemouth, Woody and Cornhole said they were in. Who else?

Prayer Request given for Corey and Kevin. Hand On a Man.

Fellowship was carried on at GiddyUp Coffeehouse in Williamston. Some things just need to stay the same.

Pax also took a quick tour of Cornhole’s farm. Horses, Chickens, College housing but no Courtney for Kickball.

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