After a Q refresher on the disclaimer, proper introduction of next exercise and counting, the warm up began and concluded with a bear crawl along Ramses’ chain.

The Thang: we moseyed to first STOP sign and performed Sphinx Merkins, Tony Hawk burpees, Outlaws, and Plank Jacks. Moseyed to second stop sign at First Baptist Church and performed Scorpian dry docks, Travolta merkins (as the Q sang “Staying Alive” very poorly), Outlaws and Pop Up merkins. We then moseyed around the corner and behind the church for some block work.

With a cinder block, we did IC 5 of the following without a break: Squats, curls, jump over blocks, WWIIs, tricep extensions. We then moseyed around the church and returned to the blocks, R and R except 10 reps; moseyed again, R and R except 15 reps. Moseyed to courthouse, and stopped on the way for some plank work. Due to Dirtbag’s extremely slow counting, Q modified and we headed to courthouse.

Due to time contstraints, we only completed two legs of the 7 of Diamonds. 7 burpees all 4 corners, followed by 14 squats all 4. Returned to the AO.

We reached the AO at exactly 0800 and began counting, naming, and praying. Welcome FNG City Slicker, aka Keith Crosby.

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