Warm up: following the Lord’s Prayer, we circled up for what I call Pilates merkins with a mountain climber. We slowly touched our toes, then used our hands to walk out into a plank position. We performed 5 merkins followed by mountain climbers. Walked back up slowly to standing. Rinse and repeat. Next up: 10 Smurf jacks, then Squerkins.

The thing: Inspired by F3 Whiteville, I set up “Death Row,” 14 separate exercises. We each performed an exercise, including each PAX completing 20 burpees. When the burpee PAX finished, we all ran the length of the AO and back, alternating to our right each time. We did burpees, cinder block curls, WW2 with kettle bell, tricep exensions, squat thrust with block, flutter kicks with block, kettle bell lunges, dumb bell fly, plank, dead lift with kettle, rows, lunges with kettle, back plank/V up, hillbillies. Total body workout.

After reading aloud Isaiah 9:6-7, which foretells the coming of Jesus, we moseyed to the courthouse for Stairway to Seven. 1 burpee, 1 incline merkin, up steps, 1 squat, down steps, up to 7 reps of each. We then read Matthew 3:1-3 and moseyed back to the AO.

Matlock explained how the Old Testament is like climbiing a mountain where the Cross sits at the top. The New Testament is like walking down the mountain, looking back up at the Cross. We all have been given the responsibility of going out in the world and spreading the good news!

We were short on time so we did an abbreviated Jacked Up with variations of SSH. Count O Rama, Name O Rama and COT followed.

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