Warm Up

  • Finkle Swings 15 IC
  • Don Quixotes 15 IC

THe Thang

We then took a mosey down water street to the ship store. Starting at the ship store we did an alternating sequence of High knees, Butt Kickers and carioca between light post until we reached the board walk. From here we started an Indian Run down to Havens Garden. Havens Garden provide a perfect spot for Aiken Legs, After 2 rounds the pax was feeling it so we moved on to the next exercise. After Partnering Up we did some Dwight Howards one partner did bear crawls over to the side walk while the other did wall jumps. 2 rounds down and we headed back to the shovel flag. We arrived with just enough time to complete the Millenial work out.

Prayer request (all who are suffering from addiction, safe travels for Largemouth)

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