Well its that time again for ole Enron to step and Q.  It was our fathers day weekend boot camp and the call was made out on Twitter to come and enjoy the beat down and boy did they come out.  With all expectations of most being on vacation or out and about and not making the workout man was I wrong!  The PAX showed up STRONG!!!  I knew then I had to definitely bring a good beat down to not disappoint.

Warm up IC – SSH, Good Mornings, Merkins

Mosey over and across the boardwalk over to everyone’s favorite street corner by the end of the boardwalk where we proceeded to perform four rounds of Mike Tyson’s followed by a spiderman crawl across to the other side and back.  Lower than a bear crawl and knees go out to the side like your climbing up the side of a wall.  Next was a short mosey over to the Baptist church where we proceeded to do a version of catch me if you can.  Partnered up one partner zombie walked and after ten steps performed a Bobby Hurley at the end and kept going until partner 2 ran a half block around the parking lot until they caught their partner and switched.  Next another short mosey over to my office parking lot on second street where we spit up into three groups.  Group 1 performed wall sits while group 2 had dips on the block wall and both group 1 and 2 had to stay put until group 3 ran up the 3 story fire escape beside the municipal building twice, then a switch.  Now a short walk across the street to the long parking lot where we performed Pickers down the entire length of the parking lot.  Pickers are a side squat where you reach down and touch the ground between each hop to the side.  Half way down the PAX were informed to switch to the other side.  Now a short mosey over to the long alley way located on Main St.  Here the PAX were put into a Balls to the Wall position and a wall sit, each PAX was alternated, BW-WS-BW-WS, all the way down the line.  The task was to now switch positions one person at a time all the way down the line and then back the other direction.  Mosey over to the Gladden street where the PAX were informed that we were doing 4 corners and at corner 1 it was 5 burpees, 2-20 squats, 3-10 burpees, and corner 4 40 squats.  Now down to the boardwalk.  Each third light pole all the way to festival park was one burpee.

COT, Announcements, Prayers

Naming of two new FNGs

Till next time…Enron

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