This date in history, April 4: MLK was assassinated in 1968, TwinTowers commemorated in 1973; and the American Flag was officially recognized by Congress as the national flag in 1918.

Note: upon arrival we split up into two groups to comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders and we maintained social distancing throughout the workout, which began with a pledge of allegiance.

Each group completed 3 stations at various locations downtown. Station One: Sun gods, Don Quixote’s, squats, burpees, hallellujahs, merkins, hillbillies, hold chilcutt, mountain climbers, two F loops (note: group two, which ended at this station, only managed one loop due to time).

Second station: SSHs, irkins, weezys, pelvic thrust, hold plank, fire hydrants each leg, skip rope, dips; mosey to lighthouse, two burpees at every other lightpole.

Station Three at lighthouse: arm rotations. lunges, crunches, step ups, moseyed to Main Street, bear crawls, Bobby Hurleys, tornado drill, donkey kicks, woodchoppers, american hammers, mosey to courthouse and return to AO.

COT: we maintained our two separate groups but within ear shot of each other. We did the counting thing, the naming thing, and most importantly, the praying thing.

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