3 musketeers gathered at Farmville Middle on a crisp morning..ATB was Bambino commit. The plan was to get moving early and often so this is how it went.

Warm up


10 Good Mornings IC

Jack Webb’s – Merkins / Hallelujahs 1-5 ratio

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a big rock

Tote your rock to the hill


10 curls on the top of the hill

10 squats on the bottom


20 chest press on the top

10 lunges on the bottom


10 rock pikes on the top

10 donkey kicks on the bottom


Return rocks to the pile

Finish up with sprints from the rock pile to the speed bump (appx. 50 yards)


Prayer requests:

ATB and his M expecting

Furlough family

Injured PAX


I encourage any PAX that are able to step up and volunteer to Q or post in Farmville.  Scotty Moe and Bartman post regularly throughout F3ENC and would love to have some fresh faces come out to the village. In addition, the mumble chatter is very strong and the AO offers lots of possibilities.  Get a clown car together and take the short trip west. You will be glad you did.

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