It was a great day for YHC to make the trek from Kinston to Farmville and join these HIMs for a good ol fashioned beatdown.  We started off in the middle school parking lot the introduction and disclaimer were given and we did a short warm up.

Side Straddle Hops x10 IC

Good Mornings x10 IC

Don Qui Jotes x10 IC

Then we jogged from the middle school over to the high school’s football stadium. After we had counted off into groups of three.

It is Farmville’s 3 year anniversary, so we did three sets of 12s and rotated.

For two of the groups around 50 years were in b/w the two spots for their exercises, for the other a trip up the stairs of the bleachers.

Group 1: Merkins/Row the Boats(On the track)

Group 2: Squats/American Hammers(On the Track)

Group 3: Squats and Tricep Dips(On the bleachers)

Moseyed back towards the parking lot and everyone chose a parking space.

We did two different exercises starting at 6 reps and worked our way down to five, alternating between derkins and world war 2 sit ups.  And we rinsed it, changed it up and did the same concept but this time with erkins and leg raises.  By the time that was done with it was time to go back to the flag and get a picture.

Prayer Requests:

Our nation

Scotty Moe’s family

Grout’s 2.0’s and the entire family

Praise for possible bonuses for education staff

Unity amongst us


ENC Anniversary coming up on the 20th

F3/FIA crossover event in Kinston


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