YHC thought Farmville’s Anniversary was coming soon. The launch was postponed last year due to weather, so the time was coming and YHC was asked to Q! Since you all can read, you found the answer. The 2 Greenville AO’s were shut down to try to boost numbers, while Abu was going to beatdown the Washington PAX unannounced. It was now time for Strokes vs ATB, Strokes was there for the whole warmup (though in the Parking Lot for the opener). ATB made about 3 reps of this…


10 Copperhead Squats IC
10 Good Mornings IC
10 Merkins IC

The Thang

Headed toward the Rock pile.

All PAX that have either Q’d or are from the Village lead an exercise of 10 reps, also rotate rocks to the left. We did some of the following: Curls, Tricep Extension, Rafiki Press, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, WWII, Lunges, Squats, and more…

Throw it back and make it SPARK!

Head toward the Island of Love. Here we did 11’s consisting of: Step-Ups on the Island and WWI after going up the Villages 2nd biggest hill (earlier on YHC said it was the biggest). Burpees for the six at the 10s courts.

10s courts looked to be closed due to Farmville winning a match last year for the first time in years maybe. Actually, the courts were new and YHC found a gate opened on the back side. Here we did 4 Corners consisting of 5 reps of the following: Irkins, Donkey Kicks, Derkins, and Jang A Langs. We did 3 rounds.

Next we were heading to the track, YHC initially thought we could head around the back of the building (Aquaman confirmed we could), Scotty Moe said otherwise. Tiny Dancer figured he still would try, while we listened to Scotty. We stopped at the corner of the HS for a 10 Count of the PAX for Peoples Chair and Balls to the Wall while TD searched for us.

We continued our journey to the track for an abbreviated Dirty McDeuce.

First Round: 12 Squats IC, 12 Werkins IC, 12 LBC’s IC, 1 lap. Aquaman (today’s Senior member) decided to get a head start, so we went the opposite way. PAX were told they could modify by going the opposite way if they couldn’t do a whole lap and turn around when the first PAX were finishing. Return for the six.
Second Round: 12 Lunges IC, 12 Ranger Merkins IC, 12 American Hammers IC, 1 lap (following same directions, YHC even let Aquaman choose the direction since he didn’t leave early).
Third Round: 12 Merkins IC (forgot leg exercise, but someone reminded YHC. Aquaman tried to Tonk-Q, but YHC was not having any part of it), 12 Jump Squats IC, 12 WWII IC, 1 lap.

Indian Run to the BIGGEST hill in the Village, going behind the Softball field trying to follow TD’s directions. Here we partnered up for BOMBS of 35 reps while partner ran to top of hill. Knew we wouldn’t finish, but was a good finisher…

We moseyed back to the #ShovelFlag to finish.


Recovery for Pied Piper and Hot Spot.

Praise and Prayer for F3 to Grow in Farmville.

YHC closed us in prayer.


YHC gave a shout out to Bad Boy for keeping the torch lit before going on IR. Scotty Moe has picked up the torch and continued to carry it through the village. Bartman has also been a constant. Other PAX in the Village have been semi-consistent and YHC challenged them to keep on keeping on.

Scotty Moe mentioned either Bojangles (service and food was not as good) or McDonalds (entertainment and food were both preferred). Although, Bartman’s dad did not show to provide the entertainment, we went to McDonalds.

Zucker has the Q here next week.

Stern has the Q @ M.A.S.H. on Monday.


Really awesome to see Farmville reach this milestone. I mentioned Wilson didn’t ever make it past 6 weeks twice. I mentioned I posted here about 20 times last year and there are many opportunities at the site. Other PAX mentioned they will try to post here when possible too. About half the PAX were from the Village or regular posters here. If you are reading this and haven’t ever took the Adventure easiest way to to HC to Q!

Amazed that Aquaman was the oldest PAX today (YHC is just days behind) and has posted with YHC 5 out of 6 days this week. He’s got goals and will hit them at that pace. YHC was the old guy at Coffeeteria!

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