So YHC grew up in a small town. So I know all about how it goes down in a small town. Scotty Moe asked me if I could Q TripleS and I knew I need to do this. It was a great morning in the gloom with the PAX. The mumble chatter was at an all time high. EC Ruck started off the mumble chatter. YHC learned a lot about Farmville and a lot of its PAX. I have been pumped up all week about Qing this morning. I sat down the other night and I was just browsing through the Exicon and I came up with a few things that I wanted to try out. So I did just that. Now its time to let you know how it all went down.

EC Ruck- Little Mermaid, Whatley, Pothole and Scotty Moe


The Thang

Wave of Merkins
(never done this before strange with the PAX but was a tough one)
YHC told the PAX to stay in the circle and I would start the wave. We did this up all the way until the last round of 10 each

Mosey to the Softball Field

Field of Dreams
Count of in 4s

1 go to first, 2 go to second, 3 go to third and 4 go to home
Home 15 Burpees
1st- Squats (AMRAP)
2nd- Lunges (AMRAP)
3rd- Overhead claps (AMRAP)
Once the 15 burpees were done they would run and relieve 1st base and these continued until all PAX had done the burpees

Mosey to the Rock Pile
Ok Pair up. One partner get a rock (get a descent size rock nothing small)
Mosey to the large parking lot beside the high school

Tort and The Hare B.O.M.B.S
(5 Burpees, 10 outlaws, 15 Merkins, 20 Big boy situps and 25 Squats)

We did alter some the Big Boy Situps were taking a long time to complete so we switched to WWI

Partner 1 does one excersie while partner 2 takes off with the rock. When partner 1 is done with the first excerise he chases down partner 2 and switches.

We did 3 rounds of this

Lots of mumble chatter during this part. Everyone worked hard and learned lots about each other.

Walk over to the edge of the parking lot

Partner 1 Curls for the Girls
Partner 2 Run the width of the parking lot
Switch- Repeat
Partner 1 over head press
Partner 2 Run the width of the parking lot
(Rise and Repeat)

Mosey with the Rock back towards the rock pile switch halfway with you partner

Spark it up
Sprint back to the flag not mosey sprint

PAX called about 4 mary exercises

No prayer Request

I wanted to do something different since it was my first Q in farmville. So I took to the Exicon. Turned out to be a great beatdown and awesome time. I have learned a lot about f3 over the past year. If you get a chance take the trip to farmville. Its a great site for an AO. The PAX members there are a great bunch of guys. They have put a lot of work into keeping it alive over their. Keep beating the FartSack men.

Mermaid Out

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