Warm Up: SSh, Good Mornings, Bird Dogs, Imperial Walkers (X15 IC each), Burpees (X10 OYO)


  • Indian Run to Elementary School playground
    • Partner up for 100 Derkins/200 WWI’s with alternating partners taking a karaoke lap to end of the lot and back.
    • Wall Merkins with bear crawl to each pillar under bus drop off area.
  • Mall walk/Light Mosey to Rock Pile
    • Split into two teams for American Hammers, Curls for the Girls while each team carried their rock to the speed bump and back.
  • Light mosey to Island of Love
    • Lean Beef (merkin with either right or left side elevated, as to look like a cow on a mountain), (X10 each side, OYO)
    • Pistol Squats (X10 each side, OYO)
  • Mosey back to bus circle
    • Indian Erkin around the bus cirlce. (Pax did elevated erkins around the circle indian run style)

Prayer Requests: Scotty Moe’s recovery from the storm warning, YHC 2.0’s arrival (due 05/20), Jennay’s unspoken.

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