First off, let me thank Scotty Moe and Bartman for letting me join back after a long absence due to sleepless nights with our newest addition (2.0), car trouble, and stressful work situations. These guys are great and super supportive. I am so glad to call Farmville my home!

Warm Up: SSH, Mtn Climbers, Bird Dogs (x10, IC), Burpees (x10, OYO)

The Thang:

  • Tennis courts for a session of 4 Corners with WWIs, Derkins, Squats, Mule Kicks (x10 each, OYO) R&R
  • Rock Pile for Toe Touch Crunch (with rock, x10, IC), Nordic Ham String Curls (x10, individually), American Hammers (with rock, x10, OYO)
  • Elementary Breezeway for Pistol Squats (x10, IC), Wall Merkins (x10, OYO), Wall Sits (each PAX member counts to 10), Balls to Wall (each PAX member counts to 10)
  • The Hill for some 10’s (instead of elevens) with Lunges at the bottom and Wide Arm Merkins at the top, backpedaling up the hill.
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