Warm Up: SSH, Don Quiote, High Knees (X15; IC), Circle of Merkins


  • Mosey to Tennis Courts for 4 Corners with Derkins (X10), LBC’s (X15), Squats (X20), and American Hammers (X25) with a R&R backwards.
  • Mosey to bus lot at the HS for a partner session with 100 Merkins and 200 WWIs while partners ran to the end of the lot and completed 1 Burpee.
  • Mosey to bus circle at the MS for Lean Beef around followed by a Pistol Squat line up against the wall with each PAX member taking a lap around the bus circle. R&R with lunges around the circle and a wall sit.
  • Finish off with Bench Sprints.

Prayer Requests: Dark Webb’s family and Wainwright family


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