I didn’t want to post today. I needed to rest my legs more because of a lingering calf strain. However as Q, I have control, so the focus today is on the Core, Hard Core. 13 studs posted at the Watchtower.

Warmup: We utilized an old school Stretch philosophy of warming up. Keep it active. Here’s some of what we did: high knees, butt kickers, Lunge, low lunge w/elbow, grave digger, Flutter kicks.

The Thang: HDT 13.5.2. This was the workout the HTL crew did in 2019 to prep for the Mog Mile.

  • Slo-Mo Sit-ups 4×10
  • Sandbag Hip Thruster 3×15
  • Sandbag Get up 4×10 (5/side)
  • Z press w/Ruck 3×15
  • Sandbag Sit-up Go Heavy (non-stop max reps)
  • Instead of the 1-mile coupon ruck we started with 2-min of burpees and in one of the few times this Q bent to peer pressure, we did the 60 for 60. It was harder so it made sense.

BOM/COT – Prayers for the Ammonds family. Cherish each day. All those who are less fortunate. Soundbite’s Aunt Sue. Bench’s friend Coach Lovette.

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