Always an honor to be asked to come Q in ENC.  You guys are studs and we down in Kinston really look up to each of you.  Keep giving it away, look at the impact you guys have had on us, Cornerstone, and Wilson over the past year!


SSH x 25 IC

Gravel Pickers x 10 IC

Arm Burners x 10 IC


Tha Thang:

We had 8 guys so four carried a litter of sandbags that equaled 260 pounds.  We had a ghost pair behind the litter than two guys on the 120.  We kept rotating until we got 1.2 miles in back to the shovel flag.

Back at the Flag, we did 25 Flutter Kicks IC with the sandbag pressed over our chest.  Then with the ruck sack, we did 5 Turkish Get Ups with the right hand and 5 with the left hand all IC.  With ruck on, 10 cleans with sandbag and 10 presses with the sandbag, in cadence.

We took back off to the stadium with our sandbags and there climbed the stairs next to the Murphy center 5 times with the sandbag.

Back to the circle with 10 sandbag getups and 1 min of max burpees.

Time was called at 6:15

Prayers for Kinston One Year, injured PAX within ENC, and back to school for kids.

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