It was a beautiful 62 degree morning.  Perfect for sandbags and rucks.

Warm Up: Good mornings IC 15, Cotton pickers IC 15, Rucks off, SSH 20, Rucks back on, Arm circles front/back 10 each, Ruck Squats

The Thang: Ruck with sandbag around the AO, stop at a grassy spot, Sandbag plank pull throughs 20, Sandbag to shoulder 10 each shoulder, Sandbag drag bear crawl.  Ruck with sandbag around the AO, find another grassy area, Merkins with one hand on sandbag 15 each arm (one short on left arm), Bent over sandbag rows 15, Sandbag curls 15, Sandbag or Ruck Triceps extension (Pax choice) 15.  Ruck with sandbag around the AO, back to flag, sandbag deadlift 15, Sandbag overhead press 15, Sandbag goblet (hug the bag) squat.


Close in prayer raising our concerns to our Lord.

It was fun. Thanks to Candy Cane and Grisham for the opportunity.

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