EC Ruck- Patch, Whatley, NoIDeer, Ratched

Warm up

SSHx20, good morningsx10, arm circles OYO, Don Quixotesx10. Indian run around the church/school.

the thang-

BOMBS- partnered up and each pax took turns collectively performing 50 Burpees, 100 over head claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Big boy sit ups(WWII), and 250 squats. While the other partner would backpeddle/karaoke to the sidewalk and back.

Mosey to the flag. By the sidewalk do 5 Burpees then bear crawl across the grass to the fence and do x10 Carolina dry docks and run back to the sidewalk. Rinse and repeat.

to the trailer where all PAX held peoples chair while everyone took turns doing over head presses x10 with my ruck(40lbs). Switch to BTTW while everyone took turns doing x10 squats with ruck on. Then back to PC while each PAX held the ruck in PC for a 10 count then passed it on.

mosey back to the flag for a couple minutes of plank and 615!


Yours truly,



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