West Side is a site I don’t visit often enough due to logistics but when No I deer requested a Q of course I said yes. When preparing for the workout I had to dig deep in my mind to remember the layout of the AO but I was able to come up with a plan. When I arrived Patch and Cousteau were EC rucking. I placed a few cones and waited for PAX to arrive. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. 6:15 arrived and we got to it.

Warm up:

Side straddle hops  x 20 IC

Don Quixote x 10 IC

Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

Arm Circles x 10 F&B IC

High Knees x 10 IC

Butt Kickers x 10 IC


We were off for a follow the leader run. Stopping periodically for Merkin variations;

Merkins x 10 IC

Werkins x 10 IC

Ranger merkins x 10 IC

Diamond merkins x 10 IC

This took us to the front section of the church where we completed a round of 4 corners. Patch made the suggestion that we stay together and not do the standard practice with four corners which YHC obliged and we planked for the 6.

Four Corners 5-10-15-20



Plank Jacks

Mountain Climbers


We then continued our follow the leader run to the back parking lot to stop for a round of modified Jack webbs

Alternating shoulder taps by 5s to 20

Mule Kicks by 1s to 4

We then moseyed to the soccer field for a round of merkin ladder, however I was corrected by slalom that I described merkin suicides, regardless that is what we did. From here we moseyed to YHC’s truck to grab some sandbags. Dividing into two teams with each team having a sandbag (100 and 120lbs respectively). The pax were two man carry the sandbag and perform a team catch me if you can. This got a little bunched up but that was ok. Pax were to take off with the sand bag and the remaining members of the team perform 5 burpees and then run to catch up. The next two pax were to switch and then the remaining pax perform 5 burpees. Well this didnt work as expected but I do know YHC and Cousin it did 20 burpees in our trip around the church. We returned the sandbags to the truck and moseyed to the end of the parking lot for another round of 4 corners.

4 Corners 5-10-15-20

Lunges   (2 is 1)

Smurf Jacks

Squats YHC decided to switch it up and do the last two exercises in cadence

Monkey Humpers

Pax then moseyed back to the field for a Squat ladder going 1 to 7 then 7 to 1 (so I could pick up the cones). We then lined up for a little leg burner of Squat holds for YHC’s count and monkey humpers x 10 IC. There was quite a bit of moaning and groaning during this but we continued. Time was running short so we returned to the flag for a Mary quickie.

Flutter kicks x 25 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

And just for fun a squat hold for the final 20 seconds, much to the pax enjoyment.

6:15 hard stop


Prayer Requests:

Koolaid church member in ICU for cancer

Noideer father in law in ICU after bypass surgery

Ma Bell’s wife’s dancer with heart transplant

Koolaid teacher with kidney transplant soon


Jackpot VQ at Collard Patch

11/23 Food drive at first born starting at 7:45

RuckForToby in Wilmington 11/23 starting at 8 am


It was good to get out and change up the routine as I don’t post much on Friday for various reasons but this was a good way to get my weekend started out right and push myself out of my routine. Thanks for the opportunity to Q No I Deer!

Ma Bell out!

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