Pledge of Allegiance as our 1st and privileged exercise because of the brave, we live in this land of the free.

FNG on boarded by that Man Can dude. Gotta keep on Head Locking Men. Give a holler. GO pick them up. Put a flag in their yard. Have the workout in the yard. Men need some TLC

Warm-up: Side straddling Hopping. Abe Vigodas. Good Evenings. Stretch right, left, center. Monkey Humpers. Michael Phelps.

Move to corner #1: ‘Bring Sally Up’ was the theme song for Squatting.

Brisk walk to corner #2  while doing Hallelujahs, around the corner near Wal-Mart Isle #7.  Using the freshly painted exterior walls, we placed our hands only. So from one end to the other, each man led in 20 calf raises. Spinal Tap even enjoyed the pace. Stretch them out. Plank variations 20 count each Pax leading, Gotchi didn’t feel left out and spoke up with authority, “It’s my turn. Ya’ll are NOT skipping me”……….Up now and brisk walk with Hallelujahs toward >>

Corner #3 and Bumble Bee Tuna was aching for some bacon, but Man Can stopped him before he got out of hand. FNG was thinking out loud, “this place, this F3 stuff is the bomb”, while in the Al Gore position learned a bit more about our FNG. Head beyond Corner #4 to the Frosty Grassy area just before the last BIG parking Lot, near the glazzy iced wittle bridge.

On our SIX, each man led in 20 WWII’s (sit ups, yuup 140). Deep Dish was cranking ’em out dudes…

Cross the bridge, while Barney Fife and Wilma Flintstone were enjoying some doughnuts in the idling vehicle. We head toward the end of this parking lot. Started side by side near the last parking lot light. Turned around facing the boulevard, then Bear Crawled to the center parking lot light, where the FNG, Justin wanted us to complete some burpees. YHC didn’t want to disappoint, so we did just 5. Flip Flop, and Crawl Bear back toward our starting point.

Moved onto to the frosty grass for Jack Webbs, 1:5 ratio, up to 10 merkins and 50 hallelujahs.

Back on the parking lot and Lunged the Lot forward then Backwards.

Brisk walk toward to Flag and 6:15.

We all stayed together, leaving no man behind, but also not where we found him.

YHC prayed us out. Health of our PAX. Mental Health is important, AYE!!! (Click T-Claps below if you believe this).

Fleet representing the F3 Nation coming March: 25-27

Cold – Cut…………out until the next pain increments

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