Warm Up

4 count SSH x 25 IC

4 count Punch Jacks x 25 IC

4 count Merkins x 10 IC

4 count Squats x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the Playground and partner up with someone that will push you

10 Minute AMRAP Ladders

Reps: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, …

Round 1)

Swerkins (feet on swing, merkin knee to chest = 1)

Squat Left Curtsy Lunge Right Curtsy Lunge = 1

Round 2)

Bench Dip Hip Bridge 1-2 second glute hold

Alternating Reverse Lunge Knee Ups (1 is 1)

Round 3)

Spider Irkins

Pistol Squats (by 1s rather than 2s for these: 1 each, 2 each, 3 each, …) holding pole or Rx+ without pole

Prayer Requests: Aquaman’s mom, Caliente’s mom, injured PAX, Kingpin and Cable’s pops going through radiation

Moleskin: I had a plan this morning for an AMRAP ladder but wanted to see what my numbers were before selecting the exercises. We had a good crowd, but it was small enough to utilize the swings and benches like I wanted. The exercises, time, and rep schemes were tough but doable. I know the PAX were happy when the 10 minutes were up for each round.

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