Warm-up: In cadence

  • Side Straddle hop 1×10
  • Cherry Pickers 1×15
  • High Knees 1×20
  • One lap ¬†around half the facility

Main workout: Billy Madison

We started school in 1st grade and worked our way through 11th grade. Starting with Hallelujas we did 1×12 then ran a lap in line together around the parking lot median. Upon return, we added another exercise for second grade completing each movement for a set of 12 and repeated the process until the session was over or we graduated. When the students moved on to middle school we no longer had to run in line but in pairs, as we had matured and gained more freedom. When we hit high school each man was able to go at his own pace. Overall I think the guys had a great time the workout kept a steady and consistent pace and everyone moved as a class.

Elementary School

  • Hallelujas 1×12
  • Seal claps 1×12
  • Lunges 1×12
  • Squats 1×12
  • LBCs 1×12

Middle School

  • American Hammers 1×12
  • Monkey Humpers 1×12
  • Merkin 1×12

High School

  • Freddie Mercury 1×12
  • Plank Jacks 1×12
  • Mountain Climbers 1×12
  • Burpees 1×12 (ran out the clock before we made it.)


  • Finishing lap, together.


  • Plank – hold for 30 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers 1×20
  • Superman 1×10
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