After YHC read up on some training plans for the upcoming GRT event in Raleigh in October, wanted to emphasize the importance of stretching before and after workouts to help with recovery. This is really important, and we tend to forget about it when we get so caught up in fitting in a beatdown into 45 minutes. So, YHC decided to start with our regular yoga stretching routine (a la Abu) to remind PAX how easy it is and how beneficial it can be.

Indian run around the church

Mosey to baseball field, and stay in a group together:

First round at home plate: 15 burpees

First base: 30 merkens

Second base: 30 jump squats

Third base: 30 WWI’s

Second round: 20 reps of each

Third round: 15 reps of each

Mosey to utility shed

Partner knee taps for one minute each, then switch (we did 8 rounds)

BTTW on the shed, each PAX counts to 10 and runs around the shed while the rest stay at BTTW

Back to the flag for a round of Mary

Moleskin: Stabler had been scheduled to Q this day but hurt his back, so YHC was happy to fill in. We are hoping Stabler gets better and back in the gloom so he can keep running his mouth! lol.

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