How to Login and Post a BackBlast

how to login1) Login using the username/password the Comz Q sent via email via the Login at the top right of this site. If your permissions are correct, you’ll see a +New at the top (black bar) with “Post” available underneath. If you do NOT see this, contact the Comz Q via Connect for correct permissions.

2) Give your post a title (something creative) before you save it as a draft.

3) Select your workout under category (at the stop) Please do not check Backblasts or anything else, but the workout.

4) Add Workout Date, QIC, and PAX (choose in the box, add yourself too). Add FNG’s, Visitors or not listed in the appropriate blanks.

5) In the large empty field below the title field and all the blanks, type up your and Workout Details (follow a previous BB). All you need to input here is The Thang, BOM/Prayer Requests, COT/Announcements, and Moleskin. As a Best Practice, write in here rather than Word (and then cut-and-pasting into this field), as you will encounter fewer formatting and font problems. ALWAYS remember, don’t make this too difficult. It’s more important to get it in within 24 hours then to capture every detail!

6) When your post is complete, click the blue “Publish” button at the upper right and it will be added to the blog on the appropriate page. You can go to the site and check that it has worked.

7) Do a pre-draft with your plan, can be used as your weinke (add names and details after).

8) Post within 24 hours of workout.

WordPress also has a guide to Writing Posts (optional read)