Legacy Backblasts

The legacy posts from the PAX of F3ENC! Now done in Slack!

Posting Pictures

Here are some helpful tips when posting pictures: Please use the camera on the back of your phone for best quality. Please don't use a wide view shot, all pictures will need to be the same size and PAX may get cut out. Landscape orientation is preferred. Please attach...

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the first head

Part 1 of 3 headed hound.   warm up with some pushups and squats. partnered up and did 7 minutes of fun. partner 1 runs to end of building and back while partner 2 does exercise AMRAP, then keep switching places until time 1st 7 minutes: burpees next 7 minutes: v...

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Close to the Sack

Warm up: We did some things. Side straddle hops, merkins, arm circles, good mornings. The real deal: Set 1: Descending ladder with American swings, triceps extensions, sumo deadlift high pulls. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of each exercise, with 30 seconds of mountain climbers...

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Cool Hand Beat Down

Pledge of Allegiance. Warm it first Side Step Arm Cross; High Knee March; Toe Touch Sweep; Torso Circling; Ski Squat Ventral Raising; Sumo Squat Lean; Single Leg Arm Circling; Alt Warrior Bend; Box Shuffle. Thang with Kettle Bells and Dumb Bells, Heavy Light. Halos;...

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Heat and Humidity won the day

Rt on G’ville Blvd Lt on Golden Rd, Rt on Cedar Lane, Lt on S Wright Rt on E Wright, Lt on 10th, Lt on Elm, Rt on G’ville Blvd to the flag The heat and humidity were tough on the crew this morning.  Course was a little short but no complaints with most taking a walk...

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AMRAP morning

530am circleup pledge warmup (micheal Phelps, merkin, squat) meadow forAMRAP (7 Minutes) plank to merkin, run, squat partner repeat south stadium hill AMRAP ( 7 minutes) merkins, run, squat  with partner repeat tennis court hill AMRAP (7 minutes) don quixote, lung...

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