Is a name just a name? Sometimes the best way to purge a weekend of excess at the OBX is with a Ruck and Kettlebell. YHC wondered if it was titled something else, would it suck any less?? The answer is no – it would still suck, just the way we need it. FIN came to his own AO dressed like Mini Pearl with his tag still on his ruck. I mean, please, the tag is still on it??

Luckily, A Boy Named Sue is named Sue. That’s it, not Bill or George or Frank, like Johnny Cash wanted his protagonist to be renamed at the end of the song. 9 studs showed up to see what kinda chaos a name could bring. Just for fun, the Q renamed FIN as Mini Pearl.

Warm-up: Big Ass (renamed Good Mornings, because they are useless, however, with a Ruck they are good); Merkins; Squats; KB Swings w/Ruck. Not everything needs a new name.

The Thang: Quality reps are not done for speed, they are done for quality reps. One way to increase accountability is to do exercises facing other pax, so that’s what we did. Here’s what we did with a double-time shuffle in-between.

  • Merkins x 10 – 3 sets
  • KB Press x 10 – 4 sets
  • KB Swings x 12 – 4 sets
  • Bears n Bugs – Q’s call. That one was a newly named exercise from GrowRuck STL this weekend.
  • Liberty Lunge x 5 each side – 3 sets (Press Rt Side/Lunge Lt). These were a bear
  • Sumo Squats x 15 – 3 sets (KB hits the ground)
  • Monkey Humpers – x 10 – 3 sets

COT: Prayers for Urraca’s Aunt Brenda is having shoulder surgery, for Candy Cane’s mammon challenges, Candy Cane’s employee and her mom who are battling COVID. Prayers for Punch Out’s spinal surgery.

Moleskin: It’s been a while since YHC has Q’d a Ruck-based workout. Wanted to make it worth Patch’s effort to post. Sometimes, taking the toughest parts of prior events is a good way to honor those past times. Sometimes, it just sucks in a good way. Speaking of studs, Patch is one of those silent leaders who puts in the work and does the tougher thing. He’s grizzled like a gnarly piece of bacon, but he’s strong as an ox. I love that dude.

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