YHC was asked by Khakis a few weeks ago to hold down the Buildup fort while he is out on vacation enjoying drinks with umbrellas and sandy beaches. YHC tries to keep workouts I Q fun and different from the normal routine so decided it was time to bring the whistle out and match that with some F3 playing cards.
Clock hit 5:30 and disclaimer given

Warm Up:
Pledge of Allegiance
15 – SSH IC
10 – Collard Pickers IC
20 – Butt Kickers IC

The Thang:
Mosey down the path a little to fire hydrant where they learned each PAX would draw a card and then do that exercise. Aces=100 reps Face Cards=25 reps and number cards add 10 to number.
We would complete that exercise at the first tree, then go to second tree, pick a new card, do that exercise and also go back prior exercise at first tree. Then continue to do the new exercise along with the prior exercise. And so on.
Here are the cards that were picked in no particular order:
8 Of Spades – BACKWARD LUNGE (18)
3 of Clubs – HIGH, SLOW FLUTTER KICK (13)
Queen of Spades – MONKEY HUMPER (25)
3 of Diamonds – CHUCK NORRIS MERKIN (13)
5 of Diamonds – HAND-RELEASE MERKIN (15)
7 of Diamonds – DERKIN (17)
9 of Spades – LOW, SLOW SQUAT (19)
Ace of Hearts – SSH (100)

Next YHC gave the instructions for the Whistle run where we do a modified Indian run while passing a water bottle back. If you are holding the bottle when the whistle blows you get out of line and do the exercise and then catch back up.
Lap 1 exercise was 6 Jumping Lunges
Lap 2 exercise was 2 Hand-Clap Merkins
Then mosey to playground area for some pullups. Some dis regular pullups, some dead hang and other did assisted pullups.
Mosey back to flag for about 2 minutes of Mary.

COT. 13 PAX present. Workout details posted to socials.

Prayer/Praise Requests
Bookworm’s son in SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

CoopStrong this weekend
Growruck Next weekend

Keep pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do new things. Try to seek out someone you do not know that well and introduce yourself. Learn something and continue to grow.

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