6:00 am a few Shovel Flags dug in deeply
EC Run
EC Ruck

7:00 a total of 26 HIM circle up in 3 closely related mini AOs and we are moving;

**Abu: KB Beatdown
Single KB Warmup x5 each side
Dead Clean
Push Press
Bent Over Rows
Single Leg RDL

3 rounds
Plank Row R x 5, Plank Row L x 5
Double BentOver Row x 5
10 Merkins

3 Rounds
Clean R Deadlift L, Clean L Deadlift
R, Double Clean = 1×5
20 Air Squats

3 Rounds
Thruster R, Thruster L, Double
Thruster x 5

3 Rounds
Single Leg RDL R x 5, Single Leg
RDL L x 5, RDLx5
20 Merkins

Warm Ups

2 sandbags on the Litter rotations of 4 around BLP and through the green trails

Several halts along the way for Pax Choice and Q lead PT with rucks

Many Peaks and Valleys were traveled throughout-HIM pushing one another for the next 43 feet

Mumble Chatter and words of experience from GRT and GR veterans

**Bono-stepped up at the last minute to allow Tonka to attend to the inner circle of the Concentrica
Runners explored Vicksburg, Blackwater, Corey Ridge.
Took the XC cut through they use around the back field.
Total of a 5K in for EC and 6 miles in for the THANG.

All Circled up at 8:00

Prayers: all injured PAX, all those in recovery of the mind, body, heart and soul

Announcements: GR 26 is ahead of us-Shield Lock Coffeeteria to follow

SHIELD LOCK Town Hall Take Aways
*Getting Right step one
*Candor with Grace
*The Horizontal Relationship Between Men
*A Blade needs a Whetstone before he needs a ShieldLock
*Lead form a position of Love
*Disagree but do not be disagreeable
*Hedge My Brothers Peak against My Valleys and vice versa
*Not Rules but Recommendations fed from experience of failure and success

Humbled, Recharged and Honored
Shield Lock Q

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