• When: 05/17/2022
  • QIC: Cold-Cut (Double Respect)
  • Extra Credit: Cold-Cut (Double Respect); Silverado; Deep-Dish

PAX: Deep Dish, Falkor, Center-Fold (Respect), Crankshaft, Silverado, Cold-Cut (Double Respect), Kin Pin (Respect), Lace’s Out, Coat Hanger (Respect), Wild Thang, Mahi, Sea Chicken (Kotter Return), Quatro (COULD NOT GENERATE THE NAMES UNDER PAX ABOVE)

Pledge of Allegiance. SSH. Stretch R, L, C. Mosey about 100 yards for some yoga inspired stretching in front of the arena. Sea Chicken could be called ‘Hamstring’. TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY, to all you readers.  At the benches: crunches, irkins, dirkins.

Count by twos. Bear Crawl Slalom two times down and around all light poles; not really.

Head onto Minges Meadow sidewalk. 10 was the number for this. Used opposing sidewalks, where started: 10 burpees, cross the meadow, 10 Squats, where PAX touches the sidewalk when getting low. Head back to opposing walk, 9 Burpees, etc all the way to completion. Do the math if interested.

Move down the Meadow a bit for coupons. Two CMU’s (Concrete Blocks) and Truck Tire. Three lines. Rifle Carrying the blocks, toting the tire, where each had a turn or two.

Mount Murphy for a lap. Then, ‘Cold Cut Killers’….crawl bears up Mt. Murphy steps. Some Ventured. Some modified.

Head back to the flag.

YHC Prayed us out!


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