EC: 4:40-just 3

5:30 9 in all

WARM UP: Good Morns, Imp Walkers, M Phelps

Tha Thang:

Mosey to Mt. Minges
11’s Merks up the flight 1 Squat
Rinse and repeat until 1 Merk up a flight and 11 Squat

Mosey to Watch Tower
Choose 2 heavy stones
15 curls for the girls
15 tricep extensions
rinse and repeat

Mosey to the Cubby
Peoples Chair touch the hands to the groud 10 counts

Mosey to the tunnel
Balls to the Wall
Chicken Peckers if you dare 5 count

Mosey to the courts
4 corners-40 ct at each
Mt climbers
Flutter kicks
Crab cakes

Mosey to base of the lower lot hill
Jerry Rices for 4 trips

Back to the Flag
100 curb calf raises

To The Flag
Flutter Fails till 6:30

Prayers: YHC M and 2.0, all our youth, Skynards buddy cancer, CC brother Bob, EJ praise, Soft Shells 2.0 upcoming nuptials, Coat Hangers Dad improving

Announcements: Toys For Tots helpers-9 am Sat at Joy Soup

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