In honor of the Marine Corps 245th birthday, YHC designed today’s boot camp incorporating components of the PFT and other common marine Corp workouts.


Pledge of Allegiance

SSH x20 IC

Arm burners x15 IC

Squats x10 IC

Mtn climbers x10 IC

American hammers x10 IC

Modified Crunch x5 1:1

The Thang

Mosey to the ball field picking up 1-2 bricks from truck on the way, then line along foul line, spreading out.

I set the WOD timer on my phone for 30 sec/5 min repeats, planking for the 30 seconds, and completing 10-15 reps of called exercise then walk/run to 1st or 2nd foul pole and back, then 10-15 reps and run, etc.

1st set- Merkins

2nd set- Modified crunches

3rd set- Front squat to push press with bricks

4th set-Brick squat

5th set- Brick deadlifts

Mosey back to the circle

Cool down

Don Quixotes x10IC

Good mornings x10 IC

Good evenings x10IC

Ended with COT

Prayer requests:

Hobby Lobby’s bro diagnosed with COVID

Goggles’s office manager’s father’s declining health

Landlord’s sister’s upcoming surgery


Permit hosting PAX and Ms Saturday night for cookout. Let him know if coming for planning purposes.

Food for Mary’s Kitchen

Toy sorting Saturday (11/14, 12/5, 12/12) 10am- 2pm in Greenville, check Slack or contact Short stop

Splashing Woodies Run or Ruck Wednesday

PAX lunch Thursday at Smithfield’s

If interested in ordering a F3 Kinston shirt or CSAUP shirt, those orders are coming due soon. If just one, check with Chestnut to combine order and save on shipping.

Thank you Marine Corp and all veterans for your service!



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