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4 Years of F3ENC – Come celebrate by working out with us @ Boyd Lee Park on Saturday, February 16th from 0700 – 0800! Celebration will follow with food and superlatives. Fill out your superlatives here!

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE – Brotherly love is the motto, keep our Creedo in mind: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him! The directory is up to date, but a separate list will be compiled of all those that have not posted this year (see Slack for access). For each year it’s been, you will get a point (IE – last year = 1, 2015 = 4)! FNG’s = 5 points. There will be a prize, so be thinking of who you can get back out or who can be new???

QSource – Meet with Sunday’s @ 0645 to discuss weekly leadership topics, click here to read up on the topics before you show up!

CHALLENGE – Find a #CSAUP event, Sign-up, Train with your brothers, and Crush it! There is one about every weekend, read this #Pre-Blast from our Fitness Q! The Nation now has a calendar of events, check out this calendar to find an event to get involved in!

Two BIG F3 Nation Team Events are the F3 Superbowl/Mudrun (ENC had 3 teams last year, looking to double that) – – Signup here! and Blue Ridge Relay (ENC had 3 teams last year, let’s shoot for 5) – – Signup here!

(Also, check the Regional Calendar or the Directory)

February PAX Coffeeteria/Lunches/Hangouts

Friday Pop-Up Lunches (stay tuned to Twitter or the Calendar the day before)! Coffeeteria every morning after Saturday workouts (location TBD at the workout)!

Angus Grill:Winterville – Tuesday, 5th @ 12pm
Jack Brown’s – Tuesday, 12th @ 12pm
Kickback Jack’s – Tuesday, 19th @ 12pm
Angus Grill:Greenville – Tuesday, 26th @ 12pm


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