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The Three Headed Hounded – Round 6 Coming in October! Read this and challenge yourself! Follow that Hound on the #Twitter Machine @The3HeadedHound!

CHALLENGE – Find a #CSAUP event, Sign-up, Train with your brothers, and Crush it! There is one about every weekend, read this #Pre-Blast from our Fitness Q! The Nation now has a calendar of events, check out this calendar to find an event to get involved in!

Two BIG F3 Nation Team Events are the F3 Superbowl/Mudrun (ENC had 3 teams this year) and Blue Ridge Relay (ENC had 3 teams this year)! Looking for even more next year!

(Also, check the Regional Calendar or the Directory)

NAG – What’s it all about?
4th round just finished for BRR PAX!

Whetstone – What will it do for me? – Pairings have been set and the sharpening begins.

If you want to join, fill out this form to be included!

October PAX Coffeeteria/Lunches/Hangouts

Coffeeteria every morning after Saturday workouts (location TBD at the workout)

Newk’s – Tuesday, 2nd @ 12pm
Totopos – Tuesday, 9th @ 12pm
A’tovola – Tuesday, 16th @ 12pm
Jack Brown’s – Tuesday, 23rd @ 12pm
McAllister’s – Tuesday, 30th @ 12pm


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