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Game of Sevens

Sevens: Warm-up: Side straddle hops x10 Good mornings x12 Main beatdown: Start at one corner of the soccer field exercise then jog to the next repeating the exercise at each corner. We started with 7 reps and then increased each round with a new exercise by 7 until we...

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The Scenic Ruck

Today we took a scenic route of the schools in Farmville with rucks and talked conspiracies, politics, and NC. Thanks to Bartman for letting me borrow his ruck.

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A gym on your back

  EC Ruck Lynard Patch and Haavaad  0700 Ground Rucks Pledge of Allegiance  10 SSH IC 10 Good Mornings  10 Ruck curls 10 OH triceps extensions  Rucks on 10 Merkins IC 10 Squats IC Ruck to the campus parking garage via 10th st extension  Top of the garage AMPAP of...

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Tribute to being 50

To Celebrate turning 50 this year, I wanted to incorporate "50" as a theme into our workout today. Warmup 50 SSH 10 Michael Phelps Thang Mosey to Elmhurst School. We did 7s with Pull-ups and Gerkins.   (this did not add to 50 but it's a great workout) Mosey toward...

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Good’r Fight

Today was a good day for a Good Fight, actually the way we worked it was a Good’r Fight. 15 studs posted this morning for a taste. Warm-Up: We moseyed down the path around the playground equipment back to the bells. We then completed slo-burpees; Merkins; squats; Mike...

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The Stars and Stripes Streak had ended on July 4th. YHC legs were fried. Usually the Commons Q will plan and execute a running route. YHC wanted to knock the dust off the ruck and join the ruckers. YHC also had full TRUST that the running PAX would work together to...

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Birthday Run.

17 paxs showed for a hot & humid run. We did an Arlington Blvd. turn-around with the goal of Fire Tower Rd. I do think we had 2 paxs make it. Thanks for everyone coming out to celebrate my 63rd birthday. Welcome back Harry Potter. Always take the high road. Slim...

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Independence Ruck

It was great to converge and celebrate American independence with F3ENC and Fido from F3Chowanoke this morning. We started at 0600 with an EC trek around town and got into the beat-down at promptly 0700. We had plenty of coupons (sandbags, keg, punching bag and litter...

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