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Just sandbaggin around

It's been a while since YHC had the chance to Q ruck ready, so when Skynyrd came asking for Q's, YHC jumped at the opportunity 8 PAX circled up, including an FNR (Kevlar). No waiting around, so we got right into it: Tha Thang We had 4 sandbags (60#s each), so the...

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Locked Out Beatdown

Warmup SSH x 20 IC Good Mornings x 20 IC Dak Prescott Squats x 20 IC YHC demoed each exercise and we performed 5 reps each arm 1) Up Down Swing Snatch 2) Deadlift Row Clean 3) Rack Squat Press Single Leg RDL 4) Windmill Bottoms Up Clean OH Reverse Lunge The Thang Go...

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Trial run

Met the boys at 0610 and got in a chilly EC through the village. Came back and gave ATB the 2 minute window (no show) and then we took off with 3 KBs and a ruck on our back. Heading towards track and rotating KBs every so often. Arrived at the track and instructions...

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Hill Sprints and Push-Pull

Hi folks! Dont mind me, I’m just catching up a bb! Warm-up - we did some things, I probably messed up a few times, per usual. The thang!! Partnered up and ran to the top of college hill. YHC led the group in a few limbering exercises and we had a nice chat about the...

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F3ENC 5th Anniversary Convergence

YHC is thankful for F3ENC and the power of this event could never appropriately be put into words. This backblast is YHC Clock hit 5:30 and disclaimer provided by Rafiki and Candy Cane. Tonka was invited to share mission and core principles with the PAX in attendance....

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Snow day.

20 brave souls showed up on a 32 degree snowy day. WARMUP SSH IC (20)  THE THANG: Jack Webb: 1 merkins then 4 hallelujah and keep going up by 1 merkins and 4 hallelujah until you get to 10 merkins and 40 hallelujah. Ran to gate 9 & did 9 burpees. Indian Run to...

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Call me Late

Some of us ran 5 and some us ran 4. Wolverine pushed Largemouth down so he would pull ahead in 123 challenge, so Largemouth left before it even started with a busted ankle, but we'll give him credit.

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Kettlebells & mumble chatter

Kettlebells and mumble chatter is indeed a great way to start your day.  (Next opportunity is this Saturday at Boyd Lee Beatdown with Abu.)  For today though, 10 showed up and all greeted Cousteau with accolades of respect for his (and Noonan's and Grout's)...

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Searching for Hills

With the Blizzard set to hit tonight I figured it was best to search out and show all the best sledding spots around the AO. Warm-up - Side Straddle Hops and Good Mornings Mosey to the Minges Meadow - explained it was good for the young 2.0s to just pull them around....

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Biceps & Back

Warm-up 20 SSH 20 But Kickers Planet Hulk 10 merkins in cadence (so 20) 10 halleluiahs 9 merkins in cadence (so 18) 20 halleluiahs 8 merkins in cadence (so 16) 30 halleluiahs 7 merkins 40 halleluiahs 6 merkins 50 halleluiahs 5 merkins for a total of 72 merkins &...

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