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Getting a little Breakdown of Q School

Left Pray First just in time to arrive to BLP, and the pax were ready to go!  Yhc let Monarch that yhc will plan on q'n a little bit of q school, and it went something like this.  Pledge of Allegiance. Mission - Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout...

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Puddle Jumping

What's the best way to make me run in the cold rain? Ask me to Q (never say no).  After waiting a good 30 seconds to see if it was going to let up (didn't) we were off. The Thang Right on Elm, Right on 10th- still raining Right on Greenville Blvd-still raining, throw...

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Ruckus Interuptus

Pledge, Ruck to back of school for plank of pain Partner Amrap of Derkins on Swings while partner Moseys to bleachers and back. Ruck to Wall for 2X peoples chair Patch leads us to the front of school Padre led us on a lap rucks over head Lightning Strikes so we hustle...

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My name is Sue…How do you do?

Cousin It tapped YHC to Q and I was glad to say yes. A star studded group of PAX posted for a good old KB beat down. EC- YHC, Patch, Ricky Bobby, Backhoe & Lynyrd Pray first - YHC, Patch, Ricky Bobby, Backhoe, Lynyrd, Fruity Pebbles & Padre Pledge of...

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There was a 2nd 1600

It's been a few weeks since YHC made his way to the Oval so I was pretty stoked to be back.  If you want a gut punch it is typically easily obtained at the Oval.  5 PAX showed up to grind it out at the Oval on this glorious Friday morning.  YHC made a quick...

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Four rounds each Circuit one Merkins Squats Lunges   Circuit two Monkey humpers Summo squats Mountain climbers   Circuit three Hallelujahs Dead man's hang Micheal Phelps   Cool down Stretches   Teams stop once one team has completed four rounds of...

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North of the River

Yesterday YHC asked during COT who was Q'ng #TheCommons, in doing so YHC picked up the #ComRuckQ. String Bean thought he had a #ComRunQ, but later learned it was himself. PAX were there in decent numbers. YHC reached out to see if String had a route, made a suggestion...

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On the “Merry” go-round!!

We worked out the beer bellies this morning wit a workout going round the track doing merries! It was a great time . Thanks to all who came out! Sorry for the delay on getting the backblast up, YHC has a pretty busy schedule at the moment and it slipped his mind....

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TRIBE-Miller Hero WOD

Since Noone was feeling the Miller WOD-had to OYO 8:30-3 mile Ruck Backyard:Dogs jumping on me constantly 12 sets(Ruck stays on): 6 60# sandbag bentover rows 6 Burpees with squat 6 4count mt climbers 6 ruck get ups 3 mile Ruck and...

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