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Here are some helpful tips when posting pictures:

Please use the camera on the back of your phone for best quality.

Please don’t use a wide view shot, all pictures will need to be the same size and PAX may get cut out. Landscape orientation is preferred.

Please attach the logo to the Picture by using the Go Daddy Studio App from your Cell Phone’s App Store. All Graphics can be downloaded from our Google Drive. There are both the Dark and Transparent logos available, transparent saves you a step. If there is not a logo, you can submit a request to the Gear Q or use the text option. Please post the pic in #1stF on Slack by 0900!
Pics with logos will be displayed first on social media. Only pics with logos will be displayed on X. If you are a Host Q and the logo is not added by the Q, please submit one to the Comz Q by 9am! Below are some step by step instructions to add the logo:

1. After opening Go Daddy Studio, Click the + as shown to start a new project.

Click the +

2. Select a photo from below or choose See All.

Pick a picture

3. Select the Checkmark as shown below to accept the default size.

Select checkmark

4. Select Image as shown to add a logo as shown below.

Add a logo

5. Add a logo shown of search through All Photos as shown below.

Selecting logo

6. Change the logo size as shown below with the Size feature. Usually best to set the logo size at 43% (think 43 feet ahead).

Change logo size

7. Center the logo at top, bottom, or sides and click the Checkmark to indicate you are done editing as shown below.

Move logo

8. Click on the box shown below to start the process to save your project.

Save start

9. Click Save as shown below.


10. In case of a dark logo, go to Blend as shown and lighten when you import the logo.

lighten logo

Many other tips and features can be found within the app.

Every once in a while go into the App, then Projects, highlight a photo and select delete (you can select multiple).

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