YHC has been under the weather a couple days but had no plans on backing out on Noonan as this one has been planned for a few weeks. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, March Madness seems to draw everyone together, not to pull for one team but for the madness of the tournament, especially with all the potential upsets the first weekend and finding that one Cinderella team. YHC wanted to bring some of that excitement and Madness to FirstAid this morning! YHC and Patch for a little EC through campus. Got back to the flag right at  5:30am to find 3 more PAX (including one FNG… welcome Pyle) ready to join in on the Madness. Circled up, short disclaimer given and we were off…


Good Mornings x11 IC

Michael Phelps x11 IC

SSH x11 IC

The Riddler x11 IC


Bear Crawl Suicides at the Meadow

    • Pax were to bear crawl to each tree and perform the following exercises, after each tree, mosey back to the starting line
    • 1st Tree – “elite” 8 Burpees
    • 2nd tree – “sweet” 16 Merkins
    • 3rd tree – “no more scrubs” 32 shoulder taps
    • 4th tree – “field of” 64 squats
    • The added twist was that before moving to the next tree, pax were to perform the exercise(s) at the previous tree (this sucked worse than last time Fruity Pebbles)!

Moseyed over to the end of the parking lot for burpee mania. At each median, perform 4 burpees. End up at the meadows for 4 more burpees. Total of 7 medians plus the meadows x 4 burpees each equaled “32” burpees

Moseyed over to the Pirate Statue for a round of “Sweet 16s.” Erkins at the bench near the statue and squats at the top of the Minges steps

Unfortunately due to time, we were eliminated after the Sweet 16, so YHC will save the Elite 8 and Final Four exercises for next year’s tournament. Back to the flag…

Prayer Requests

  •  Patch’s 2.0 and tough decisions that need to be made at Alabama
  •  Patch’s M finds out if she won the Orange Theory weigh loss challenge tonight
  •  A praise and a prayer to Slim’s son who is getting married tomorrow. Prayers that Slim rocks his toast!
  •  The Italian Stallion and an upcoming business venture
  •  The ruckers participating in the GrowRuck event this weekend


  •  Lynyrd Skynyrd has the Q at 116 tomorrow morning
  •  Check the website


It was great to get back in the gloom after a few days feeling under the weather. Great push by all PAX today and I don’t think any of them will watch the tournament this weekend without thinking of burpees and merkins! Thanks to Noonan for the opportunity to Q! Until next time…

Stabler Out!

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