Got a message late in the day on Monday that the Q for Tuesday couldn’t be there, and the Site Q wanted to know if anyone would be willing to step up.  After much time and thought I waited to see if anyone was going to volunteer, but no takers.  So, I sent a DM to the Site Q and let him know that we will just keep it a surprise and I would Q in the morning.

It was a chilly start, but the PAX looked anxious and ready to rock so we started the warm up with 25 SSH followed by 15 jump squats, all IC.  After a short mosey we made our way down Stewart Parkway where we found four street lights that formed a perfect rectangle for some bear crawl and side lunges.  The PAX started on one side of the curb by the light, bear crawled to the other side of the street and then got up faced the water and side lunged about 30 yards to the other light post.  Once there another bear crawl across the street and again another side lunge to the starting light pole.  This was so much fun that we rinse and repeated.

Going back down the road we had a sprint – jog sequence at each light pole until we reached the end of Stewart Parkway.  Once we reached the end each man had 50 hallelujahs to keep the body moving.  We made our way now over to the picnic tables by the water.  Each man grabbed some bench and were instructed to lay on the bench with just their shoulders touching the bench (like in a bench press position).  For a 50 count they had to touch the ground and then bring their hands back above them creating a fly position.  Next it was 25 dips followed by an Irkin hold challenge where the PAX had to follow the Q’s instructions which ranged from doing Irkins, putting one hand down on the ground, and moving into one hand on the ground and one hand up in the air.  While we were still at the end of the boardwalk we could leave out the brick wall, so each man grabbed some of the ledge and performed raised lunges with each leg, 20 each leg, then did 25 calf raises.

Now that we were good and warmed up with was time for some good ole abs, everyone’s favorite.  We made our way to the metal railing down by the water and each man put his feet under the rail.  Each man had to now do the following: 20 WWII style sit-ups but had to touch the top of the rail for it to count, 20 side crunches but for it to count had to touch the bottom of the rail on each side of their feet, and finished it up with 20 toe touches to the top of the rail (laying backwards with your head at the rail).  After a short mosey to the people’s pier the abs were feeling so good I had to throw in one more ab workout.  Instructions for this one was to lay on your 6 with your feet under the bench almost to your knees.  On the Q’s command the PAX brought one leg to their chest at a time and then had to put one leg over the bench without touching the bench.  The commands would vary from one leg at a time to both and at times no command was given, and the PAX had to hold their position.  To finish up at the pier the PAX partnered up and had to do between the two men, 100 Irkins/Derkins/Merkins.  Another short mosey to Gaylord’s ledge YHC added in 5 pull-ups followed by some hanging instructions to give the abs one last gut punch.  To finish the day off we made our way to the parking lot across from the flags and we lined up as a group across the parking lot opening.  One PAX member ran to the other side of the parking lot while the rest of the PAX held a lunge position and stepped forward one step on the Q’s command.  Once all PAX made one run to the end and back we finished up the day.

It was a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, but I am proud of this PAX and how far they have come.  Today was not easy but these guys continue to impress me each time I Q and lead these men into the gloom.  Until next time….Enron

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