Today’s workout was in the spirit of Matthew 20:16, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”…  Two Beautiful American flags were planted, claiming the Waterfront for @F3WashingtonNC. Pax circled up at 5:15 am. Q confessed that he was not a professional trainer. Since he was confessing, Q also admitted to having a weakness for cheeseburgers.

Modifying advisement was modified immediately to include, increasing reps, for those that spend time planking and flexing while they wait on anchors to finish a set. The goal was to decrease preening time for more advanced F3WashingtonNC members. Applying the words of Jesus to the workout, it was explained by the Q that the PAX Anchor (last becomes first) would determine the pace of the beatdown. Modification would come from those trying to advance past the anchor (first becomes last) by increasing their reps to stay in pace with the Anchor.

After Pax circled up, Q immediately realized he made a mistake by not having his glasses to read his very well planned Wienke. First exercise called, were “Sun Gods”, followed by “Matt Biondis” which Q called Matt BiondAYS. The mistake was instantly called out by Duct Tape and noted by the Q. Circle then proceeded stretching their legs and warming up their hips with “Finkle Swings” (memo, need to do slow Finkles in future to smooth out the Finkle wobbles). Next, Pax did “Don Quixotes” in cadence. Pax began getting their Mojo back after shaky Finkles. Nice! After the Quixotes, Q called for “Corn Pickers”. Again, a miscall (proper name is “Daisey Pickers”), but the mistake was beyond the Pax’s recognition at this point. Lastly, Q called for in cadence of “Suzanne Somers”. Pax finished strong and began to Mosey. I will note, that Pax owes Q, Twenty “Sprinklers”. Q forgot to call the exercise. OYO.

Pax moseyed behind anchor Q to entry of Moss Landing and down wooden boardwalk to waterfront. When Pax reached brick boardwalk, Q called for alternating “Merkins” and “Bobby Hurleys” (five each) at recurring white pillars until Pax reached pier gazebo (about halfway down waterfront). Advanced Pax members increased the # or Merkins and Hurleys to insure staying behind Q.

At gazebo, a twenty count was called while strolling to the next AO, the oval brick garden area. Here two lines were formed going in opposite directions. Everyone assumed the “Merkin Plank”. Q called for “Bear Crawl Burpees”. While those behind the front member held plank, first man out did a burpee, then bear crawled around circle to the back of the line and did another Burpee. When he was finished, he returned to plank behind the line and hollered “the first is now last!”, which keyed the next man up. Rinse and repeat.

When Pax had completed one round of Bear Crawl Burpees, Q called for “Indian Run” back to original starting place on brick boardwalk using the same path. Q called for five sets of five “Mike Tysons” and one “Bear Crawl” to the opposite curve and back.

Next, Q called for a run of the boardwalk doing “Do-ah-diddys”. Each member called his own exercise as they stepped out of the front of the run and rejoined the run as the last man pasted them. At which time, he would yell “The first is now last” letting the front man know he was up. Rinse and repeat to the opposite end of the pier.

At end of pier, ab work was called for by the Q. “Punkin’ Busters” (on the six, feet locked under boardwalk rail, legs straight, hands under posterior and torso raised 6 inches) held for fifteen seconds. A set of five were completed. (Note, Q lost concentration checking his Weinke while also counting down reps. Largemouth told Q that “you can’t Q it if you don’t do it”. Q corrected and caught the last Punkin’ Buster.) Next, Pax turned and grabbed the rail and did five “Weezy Jeffersons”.

After ab work, Pax paired up and played “Catch Me If You Can” back to the flag. Down man did three Burpees, then ran to catch backward running partner. Switch, then rinse and repeat.

With 4 minutes left, Q called for a “Prisoner of War Indian Run” taking original path back to the starting point on the pier. Lastly, Pax stepped the curve and did two sets of “Butkus”, 30 seconds each. Then it was all-out jail-break to the flag for circle up ending.

Pax of fifteen helped the Q through his first organized workout. Mistakes were made by the Q, but the brothers all showed “the patience of Job”. Thank you for being my brothers.

Prayer request for Baguette, Flo’s daughter, Novocaine’s daughter. Praise item, Duct Tape’s son.

(Footnote: Since Double D showed us his massive Weinke in June, the following Qs have been a bit shy to show theirs for fear of comparison. I hope as a Pax, we have started to put that event behind us starting today. We should all be proud of our Weinkes, no matter how small it may be.)


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