As I was thinking of what to do for today’s workout I was taken back to a time when my college baseball coach put us through what he called the breathless mile.  Today I decided to take a variation of that and put it to use.

Warm up – 25 SSH,  that was it.  Time to get to work!

**Warning: all of what you are about to read was done with no breaks or down time**

To start we lined up at our tree on the side of Festival Park and each PAX had to do the following: 1 burpee – sprint to the other end of FP (roughly 40 yards), 2 jump lunges – sprint back, 4 jump squats – sprint again, finish with 5 merkins and sprint back to the start.  Next we headed over to the corner of Market and Main St where we began the breathless mile.  To begin it was a jumping skip and touching the sky while you skip until you reached the first stop sign, a good 300 yards.  Once there 100 hallelujahs.  Now to the next stop sign, another 200 yards away it was rotating side lunges (wolverine counted and it was 125!!).  Once at the stop sign it was 100 calf raises on the curb.  Now it was on to the next stop sign down the street and this time zombie walks was the call.  Once we reached the next stop sign the exercise to be performed was 50 sumo squats.  Now we were on to our final stretch before we reached Hwy 17 (Carolina Ave.) and the exercise to the end of the street was grass pickers, switched sides about half way.  Now we were at the mid point of our workout and we had to make it back to FP.  To start the second half off right it was 10 burpees and sprint to the previous stop sign.  At the stop sign 100 hillbillies followed by another sprint to the next stop sign.  Once there now it was time for 25 irkins on the curb and then off to the races with another sprint.  At this intersection it was time for the peoples chair for roughly a 3-4 minute hold, and while holding performing different exercises with your arm.  You guessed it from here it was a sprint to the next stop.  At the next stop it was time for clock lunges, a lunge is performed then on your back foot “your pivot foot” you will do a circled lunge without bringing your foot back to your pivot foot doing a total of 12 lunges on one leg then switch to the other and repeat.  Next guess what…another sprint.  Now back at the intersection of Market and Main it was time for 100 LBCs.  To take a breather from the sprints in honor of our buddy Conch it was time to do the Conch Crawl for about 30 yards, 10 paces crab walk-flip do 3 merkins-bear crawl 10 paces-3 merkins, repeated till the end.  One last sprint back to the intersection in front of FP and from the last stop sign back to the flag it was one last round of skips.

I was super proud of these men this morning as they took on this new challenge and told them that this will be the hardest thing they will have to do all day, iron sharpens iron!  Going for 40 straight minutes without a break and with all the sprints and leg work that was involved it was impressive to see how hard these men worked and succeeded.
COT followed by prayer request and time to start the day.

Till next time….Enron

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