Well, thankfully it was a warmer morning.  We circled up.  Happy National Pie Day.  Burpee every time someone says the name of a pie.

SSH Chocolate Pie, SSH, Coconut Pie, SSH, Pie, SSH, Pie

Moseyed to church. Plenty of Pie on the trip.

Fred and Wilma tire flips- bear crawl to blocks

Cement block curls, presses, squats, and WWII,   All with cement block.

Crabwalk to other tire flip jump

Rinse and repeat until tires are flipped to opposite sides of parking lot.

Indian run with squats to Court house.  More Pie.

Dora 123–100 merkins, 200 LBC, 300 squats

Partner climbs stairs does burpee and comes back down.

Mosey to waterfront,  Peoples pier,  Merkins for six.  with PIe

Leg lifts,  called something I can’t think of right now. with Pie.

Merkin and squat at light poles while we run back to flag.

Had planned on doing Bodies hit the floor song routine, but cold cut pulled up Cherry Pie song.  Seemed appropriate. SSH- Burpee when they say Cherry Pie


Prayer Jessica Loeman,  Emily Carr, Ramses and Enron.

Enjoyed it.

Your friendly neighborhood roll of constructive adhesive,

Duct Tape-  assisted by Cold Cut



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