A second Flag was planted as Haavaard and Lynard did EC. A history lesson with visuals were had at 116. I brought a horizontal Company picture from 1940. In the photo was my father-in-law, Charles Wilson Baker. A Master-Sergeant in WWII. I also brought his US issue duffel bag, filled. I didn’t bring the sleeping bag (also WWII).  Pledge of Allegiance was had.

Off we went WITH RUCKS and the duffel. From 116, we headed South to Fifth then West to Memorial then North to Third then headed due East back to 116. Took off the rucks. Set the duffel down. Assumed the BEAR CRAWL position and made our way about 50 yards, did a burpee and BEAR CRAWLED back to where we left our rucks and the duffel (rotated the duffel through out).

Loaded up again, same route, just shorter. Different thoughts and conversations came forth as we 4 shared. “Jesus is just alright” came up by the Padre as we passed by the ‘old Annex’ of St. Gabriel’s. He wanted to know who sang it and Lynard obliged and had to ask a woman. Her name was Siri. She knows everything (most do). We may have digressed a bit, not too much though as we made our way back to 116.

Refreshing watermelon was calling our name, (especially for Haavaad as he had a twinkle in his eye, might’ve been perspiration) as we finished up. Sacks and duffel down, 8:00.

YHC prayed us out: Padre doing a funeral and speaking Sunday; Mr. Abu and King Pin-dealing and recovery from prostate surgery. Our teenagers, God give them the HOPE that is found in Jesus only and allow us to show them Jesus. Our Nation.

Cold the Cut (of watermelon) is out. Until the next season my friends.

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