Warm up: 20 SSH; 10 Mountain Climbers; 1 Burpee for Fun

The Thang:  Mosey to the top of the parking lot near Berkley,  Start in your own parking space (social distancing) and do 10 derkins off the curb; bear crawl to middle of of the parking lot for 10 merkins; bear crawl to other curb for 10 erkins. Proceed over to the next lot for 10 WWI and then bear crawl to the center for 10 WWII and then to the next curb for 10 V Ups.  Rinse and repeat the the next two lots until we got to the 5th lot and doubled up at each stop (10 derkins/10WWI; then 10 merkins/10WWII; then 10 erkins/10 V Ups)

Mosey to the wall by Gate 6.  All 7 PAX called 10 seconds BTW and then alternated doing 10 merkins and 10 WWI.  Next all PAX did 5 seconds BTW down and back and then each PAX lead 5 merkins & 5 WWI.  Next all PAX lead 5 merkins down and 5 WWI back

Next was a mosey around DFS stopping at each corner for 7 burpees (for fun and mumble chatter)

Finished with 4 minutes of Mary with each PAX calling an exercise and Charlie Brown and Wimpie talking through most of it

Prayer Requests:  Weekend travel; High School seniors graduating and school finishing

Announcements:  I’m the new site Q for First Aid.  If you want to Q on a Friday, hit me up to sign up.  Got a good list going through early July (see below)

Great group this morning.  Fun mumble chatter, smack talk and laughs.  Encourage others to post now that F3 is back open.  We all need each other for encouragement and accountability

Quote of the Day: “Rise and shine instead of rise and whine” Jon Gordon

See you next time


First Aid Calendar:

May 29 – Patch

June 5 – Noonan

June 12 – Lynyrd Skynyrd

June 19 – Grammar

June 26 – Stabler

July 3 –

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