Patch and YHC met at 0440 for an EC Ruck. Smallest EC we’ve had in a while but enjoyed a nice discussion with Patch the entire 2.6 miles. Got back to the flag and had a total of 11 PAX for the beatdown. Short disclaimer given and we were off…


Good Mornings x11 IC

Michael Phelps x11 IC

SSH x11 IC

Arm Circles (front and back) x11 each direction IC


YHC instructed PAX to mosey to the meadows. Underdog mentioned something to YHC about not bear crawling and in all honesty, YHC was going to switch up the weinke late last night. Way too much bear crawling on Wednesday and then MaBell put down a beatdown yesterday at the Clydesdales so the shoulders were SMOKED!!! But in true GoRuck fashion, YHC decided to choose the harder thing and stick to the original weinke so first exercise of the morning… Bear Crawl Suicides at the Meadow

PAX were to bear crawl to each tree and perform the following exercises, after each tree, bear crawl back to the starting line

    • 1st Tree – 5 Burpees
    • 2nd tree – 10 Merkins
    • 3rd tree – 30 shoulder taps
    • 4th tree – “60 squats
    • The added twist was that before moving to the next tree, PAX were to perform the exercise(s) at the previous tree.

Moseyed over to the bottom of the Minges Hill. Partner-up for Bear Crawl BOMBS. Partner A would bear crawl to the top of the hill and mosey back down while Partner B would begin the exercises. As a team, PAX would have to complete the following;

B- 50 Burpees

O- 100 Overhead Claps

M- 150 Merkins

B- 200 Big Boy Sit-ups (modified to LBCs)

S- 250 Squats

Running short on time, PAX found the nearest wall and lined up. People’s Chair with a 5 count from each PAX then a round of chicken peckers, with each PAX doing 4 peckers. 0615 was upon us so back to flag and circled up for COT

Prayer Requests

  • The Montoya family, loss of father due to COVID
  • Minnesota Fats’ business partner
  • Brass Monkey’s daughter and her behavior problems


  • Joker has the Q tomorrow at 116
  • Charlie Brown has the Q next week here at First Aid
  • See website


Have not posted at FirstAid in a while but always love the Stadium workouts and enjoyed some new faces. As mentioned above, was really close to changing the weinke but wanted to choose the harder thing and push not only myself but all the PAX… mission accomplished!!! Continue to beat the fartsack, post, push yourself and fellow PAX to their limits. We’ll all be better because of it. Until next time…

Stabler Out

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