• When: 03/27/19

#NAG Pre-Blast


The NAG (Nutritional Accountability Group)

“Do your days seem to drag?

Get in the NAG.

Are you starting to sag?

Get in the NAG.

Does your energy lag?

Get in the NAG.”

  • String Bean

Launch Date: March 27, 2019

End Date: June 1, 2019

We have all experienced the difference between working out at the gym alone verse locking shields with your brothers in the gloom and pushing each other farther than either one of you would go on your own. Why would the same not be true when it comes to our nutrition? We may all have different goals when it comes to our diet just like we do when we post in the gloom. That shouldn’t hinder us from being able to sharpen each other.


  1. Join the Group! (HINY or anyone in the group can add you on Twitter/Slack)
  2. What is your number one goal for nutritional accountability? (ie. Weight loss, energy gain, less fast food, ect)
  3. Detail 5 steps for you to reach your goal, simple steps which and easy to measure (Doesn’t have to be 5 steps)!
    1. Step 1
    2. Step 2
    3. Step 3
    4. Step 4
    5. Step 5
  4. For new goals, you need to create new habits! The latest ‘science’ on the interweb says 66 days to create a new habit, which is WHY the #NAG will end on Saturday, June 1st!
  5. This in return means that the #NAG starts on Wednesday, March 27th!
    1. This also means you can start preparing for your 66 days and beyond, RIGHT NOW!
  6. How is this all going to work…. Each #NAG member will be placed on a team
  7. Each team will accrue points based upon how you reach perform in reaching your step goals on a weekly basis.
    1. If you are taking care of steps 1-5 then you should be on your to reaching your goal and establishing new habits!
  8. You are not alone in this, while you have individual goals we are working together.
    1. You can contribute to your team with some EC! Not necessarily 440a EC, how about….
      1. EC for posting somewhere you have never posted before?
      2. EC for Q’ing during the #NAG? #BlastOff is open nearly every week, lol.
  • EC for attending and taking part in the Wednesday pub run, how about we add a #Ruck division
  1. EC for Q Source, Tuesday 3rd F w/Hot Pursuit and Wednesday’s Theology by Fire.
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