In the spirit of my final weeks in Greenville, Skynyrd asked me to Q Ruck ready. I accepted and decided to use a workout I have been doing during the quarantine. Before starting, Skynyrd, Haavaad, Patch,  and I enjoyed a EC ruck around the park. At 5:15 we were joined by Candy Cane, Bud-wies-er, and Padre.

Warm up

-10 squats

-15 Good mornings

-10 Merkins

-20 Good Mornings

-10 Ruck Thrusters.


As we lined up, I explained the workout I knew as the Roman Legion Workout. The original workout is:

Ruck 2 Minutes

20 Merkins

Ruck 2 minutes

20 Lunges

Ruck 2 Minutes

20 Thrusters

Ruck 2 minutes

Repeat sets until end of ruck or failure (as was told to me in the article I read).

For this workout, I modified it. I set my phone timer to 2 minutes, we would ruck until the alarm went off (With collective groans about the sound) then we did different exercises including:

10-20 Ruck Thrusters

10 Merkins

20 4-count flutter kicks w/ ruck overhead

10-20 squats

10 ruck lunges

20 tricep extensions

20 curls for the girls

15 deadlifts.

Prayer requests

-Patch’s M and 2.0

-prayers for guidance for planning the upcoming school year

-Haavaad’s daughter and grandchild with starting school

-Coustaeu’s friend’s dad, Ray Boissenneault in recovery of an arm infection and access to surgery for his back.

-prayers for more conversation and working towards the best path forward for schools, teachers, and kids.



-Pax lunch (currently slipping mind, contact Candy Cane for information)




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