YHC had the opportunity to Q Kettlebell Tuesday today and it felt like it had been a while, so I didn’t want to disappoint.  We had 17 PAX arrive in the gloom and got right to work promptly at 0515 since I had a lot I wanted to get done.  I gave the disclaimer and we were underway.


  • 10 Good Mornings IC
  • 10 Don Quixote’s IC
  • 25 SSHs IC
  • High knees with circle burpees.  With 17 PAX here today, the mumble chatter quickly ceased as we made our way around the circle with each PAX calling “Down” for the next burpee.
  • Mosey to rose garden and back to AO.

The Thang

  • Instructed all PAX to line up shoulder to shoulder on the far end of the field with their kettlebell.  Since there are 5 crepe myrtles lining the side of the field, YHC used them as markers.  Instructions were as followed:
    • Kettlebell leap frog to align with next crepe myrtle
    • 25 curls each arm
    • Sprint to the pole and chain (previously named Ramses’ ole ball and chain).
    • Bear crawl under the chain and around each pole.
    • Sprint back to your kettlebell and leap frog your kettlebell to next crepe myrtle.
    • Rinse and repeat the above at each tree, reducing number of curls by 5 each time (25, 20, 15, 10, 5).
  • Held Al Gore for the 6 (very little mumble chatter at this point).
  • Instructed PAX that next exercise would be Goblet Squats with a Derkin Shuffle.  Instruction were as followed:
    • 25 Goblet Squats with kettlebell
    • Mosey to poles & chain.
    • With feet up on chain, shuffle down the chain in derkin position.
    • At each pole, perform one derkin and then continue shuffling down the chain in the derkin position until you reach the next pole.
    • In total, there are 10 poles.
    • Rinse and Repeat 3 times. The derkin shuffle had to be modified to lunge walk between poles and then derkin at each pole.  (YHC hadn’t fully taken into account how sliding your legs down a chain would feel.)
  • Running short on time, YHC had to scratch some stuff off the Wienke.  PAX grabbed kettlebells and circled back up at the AO.
    • 25 suitcase lifts each arm IC
    • 25 single arm tricep extensions each arm IC
    • 20 American Hammers w/ kettlebells
    • 25 LBCs w/ kettlebell
    • Hold plank with YHC randomly and slowly calling “Down” & “Up” for a total of 10 slow merkins.

By this time, YHC had exhausted all of his allotted time and himself.

Counterama, Namearama


  • 2-year Convergence this Saturday.  Bring a FNG or harass a cotter..we need a strong showing.
  • Upcoming GrowRuck F3 event

Prayer Request:

  • Blake Collie
  • Carl Alligood


Thanks for the opportunity to Q again.  These F3 Washington men did not disappoint today.


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