Chimichanga sent out a request looking for a Q for the Clydesdales and YHC jumped at the opportunity as this AO is becoming a favorite of mine. When I went to save the date on my calendar, YHC saw the date was 7/11 so knew it would be an easy workout to come up with being National 7-Eleven day.

Good numbers for EC Ruck as YHC was joined by Patch, Skynyrd, Chimichanga, Tip and Pied Piper. It was great to see Piper back in the gloom — welcome back brother! As we approached the flag a little before 0530, 7 more PAX were ready to go for a total of 13 PAX which is great numbers for the Clydesdales! No FNGs, disclaimer given and we were off…

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings x11 IC
  • SSH x11 IC
  • Arm Circles (forward and backward) x11 IC
  • Butt Kickers x11 IC

The Thang

YHC informed the PAX that today was 7-Eleven day so the beatdown would not consist of Slurpees but a couple rounds of 7s and 11s. For the first round of 7s, mosey to the benches outside of gate 6. On one side of the benches, PAX would perform step-up knee-ups with a reverse lunge. Other side would perform crossover step-ups. PAX would lunge between benches. Brief mumblechatter about this looking like an Abu workout, without the Broga.

For the first round of 11s, moseyed over to the Pirate Statue. At the bench near the statue, PAX would perform erkins. PAX would then run to the top of the stairs at Minges at perform Frankenstein squats (squat, left leg raise, squat, right leg raise, squat=1)

Second round of 7s, we moseyed over to the tennis court hill for a real butt kicker… Burpees at the top of the hill and Catalina Wine Mixers at the bottom of the hill. The kicker though was that PAX had to crab walk down the hill and then bear crawl up the hill. Zero mumble chatter on this one and I think all PAX felt the pain here and personally, YHC’s shoulders were toast.

YHC had one more set of 11s planned but we were running short on time, so I called an audible and went to the Minges tunnel. PAX got into the People’s Chair position and each PAX gave an 11 count. Then assumed BTTW for a round of chicken peckers where each PAX would go down the line and perform 7 peckers. 0615 was upon us so back to the flag…

Prayer Requests

  • 4th grade student at Skynyrd’s school drowned. Prayers to the family and especially the other siblings
  • Vanilla and his snake bite
  • Injured PAX
  • 14U Babe Ruth all-star team playing in the state tournament this weekend. Stabler and Patch’s 2.0s are going for a fourth straight State title


  • Sasquatch is coming up. Need everyone to bring water and Gatorade to the next AO you post at for a donation. Also signup to participate if your’re in town. If you’re not, volunteer… we need everyone on board!
  • Friday night before Sasquatch will be a second F opportunity at MPourium
  • BJ has the Q tomorrow at BlastOff. Bring water and Gatorade
  • Ratched has his VQ tomorrow at WestSide. Bring water and Gatorade
  • Just the Tip has the Q at 116 Saturday. Bring water and Gatorade
  • See a trend there about water and Gatorade 😉


Great push by all PAX today. There were sweat angels everywhere and with the amount of pain that the PAX pushed through today, they all deserve an XL Slurpee this afternoon! Until next time…

Stabler Out

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