Man I am ready for this cold weather to get out of here and the time for shorts and t-shirts to return.  Another brisk morning as we made our way to the Waterfront for a total body burn out to be put together by the Washington F3 men.

The Thang:

Warmed up to SSH, Good Mornings, and Merkins in cadence.  Followed by a quick lap around the block to loosen up those legs.

When the men arrived they noticed the blocks that I had brought were set up like tombstones.  Got some good mumble chatter from that, wasn’t going for that look but when someone mentioned it I guess they did look like tombstones.  We began the pain with zombie walks while holding the blocks in a curl position across Festival Park (roughly 40 yards).  At the end of the walk each PAX dropped to their 6 and performed 100 LBCs.  This was rinsed and repeated 4 times.  The legs and abs were starting to feel it already.  Next we followed up with Blackjack (21s) and performed overhead press with the block at one end of the field and squat jumps at the other end with a run in between.  If the legs weren’t feeling it after the lunges they were starting to feel it now.  Once the 6 was in we finished up with some Wolverine Buprees (Flo’s new favorite).

Count and Name O Rama was taken followed by prayer requests.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q again during the middle of the week since I am normally a weekend Q guy.  I always find it interesting to see what I can squeeze in 45 minutes.  Until next time….Enron.

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